Discount Codes

Group Discount Codes from Trusted Vendors

Amanda has worked very hard to bring our groups some amazing discounts from vendors that she personally trusts and that have proven themselves to be honest and trustworthy. 

  • Black Label Hemp -  Use 'naturals' coupon code to get 15 % off CBD, hemp and other awesome botanicals! Does not apply to the kratom or N95 masks
  • Philly Kratom - Use the code 'NATURALS15' for 15% off your order 
  • Harmony Holler Homestead -  Use 'thenaturals' coupon code to get l5% off your order
  • - When you submit your order the code 'NATURALS75' will take off 7.5% off 
  • PipingRock -  Get $5 off orders under $40. Orders over $40 you can get $10 - $40 off your order using the code (ENZ372)
  • Doublewood Supplements -  Use 'NATURALS10' Coupon code and get 10% off your order
  • GiGi's Botanicals - Join group for current sales and menu on various herbal and botanical products
  • SweetAir Soapworks - Get 10% off your order with the code NATURALS10

  • Be sure to check this page often as we work to bring you even more fantastic discounts to help you save money on the things you purchase for your natural wellness lifestyle. 


  1. THANK YOU GUYS. I couldn't find a piping rock discount code anywhere, but this one worked and gave me 10 bucks off!!! Heck yeah

    1. I love piping rock. Fixing to place a order for some liquid melatonin. We keep it on hand here in our home

  2. can U guy update this ? Thanks !

  3. I need the strongest pain reduction pleasr

  4. Do y'all have any CBD Isolate suggestions?


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